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About Us

Friends in Nature

Our Work Is Rooted In Belief

Becoming is a process that does not end. What serves us? What disserves us? What has power in our lives? 


Together is the interconnectedness of all things. How can we engage with ourselves and one another more fully?


We cannot become our truest selves alone and we cannot be genuinely connected without showing

up as our real selves.


Becoming and Together are inextricably linked- one needing the other for a life generating meaning and purpose.

Mission Statement:

Becoming Together is a community based, therapy practice dedicated to witnessing, honoring, and sharing in both the individual and collective story while embodying equity, shared power, and authentic relational engagement to nurture emotional healing and mental wellness for all people.


To nurture a paradigm of inclusive mental wellness and collective healing in every community.

Who We Work With:

Providers have areas of specialty. Youth, adults, couples, families and groups are all seen through Becoming Together. Additionally, Becoming Together is committed to community connection, with all providers offering both clinical and non-clinical services around areas of personal and professional interest. We dedicate time each week to community partnerships and collaborate with area wellness providers.

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