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Healing is a personal journey, and the facets of emotional wellness are unique for all people. We are a collective of providers, joining together, modeling that no two healing stories are written the same way.


We are individuals too. Our skills, abilities, interests and stories are all different. what makes Becoming Together truly together. We don't see mental wellness one way and embrace the sustained connection of community.


We love what we do. We are inspired as a collective. And in whatever the process looks like...We Are With You. 

A Collective with
the Collective

Meet The Team

Interested in Joining our Team

Do you say:
  • I want to be part of a new paradigm of mental wellness.

  • I want to know I am part of something bigger than myself and feel my skills are utilized.

  • I want to work with great people and dictate my identity.

  • I want to know who I am and be held accountable to the truest version of myself every day.

  • I want to be valued in what I do.

  • I want to have fun at work...and laugh!

  • I want to be seen, heard, supported, and encouraged to build a career that is meaningful to me.

We Offer:

- Contractual Positions

- Organizational connection
- Transparent pay
- Wide range of wellness programming
- Flexibility to choose your hours- any day, any time
- Commitment to community at all levels of the organization, from clinician community engagement to          self care, to a broad spectrum of collaborative partnerships, we want to embody the belief that we            all are truly becoming together through everything. 

- Contact us today! 

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